Spring 2020 Fashion Trends for Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits

There is nothing better than seeing the first signs of spring: buds on trees that will soon blossom, tiny flowers fighting the last frost of the season, and New York Fashion Week. During the last, glorious week of February, the style gods bestow upon us the freshest spring fabrics, fashions and forms.

Since spring always marks a return to dresses, jumpsuits and rompers, here are the hottest fashion trends to look for when shopping for these breezy spring staples:

Feathers, Fringes, and Bows – Oh, My!

It's been a while since these over-the-top accents have been en vogue, but they're back! Feathers and fringes bounce and sway when you move, and they are perfect for going out. For a slightly subtler statement, a large bow on the front or back of your ensemble is a sweet, springy touch.

Disco Inferno

Some truly fantastic vintage looks have been rebooted this season, and I am digging it! Disco collars and 70s-wallpaper-inspired prints with funky colors and floral patterns are finding themselves on the hottest designers' dresses and rompers. Check out my Instagram @shopspotlightboutique for some groovy inspiration!  Puffed Sleeve Top

Get Hooked on Crochet

Bad crochet puns aside, this is one of the hottest trends in spring and summer fashion. Crochet is making a comeback in a big way, and its unique look has found its way onto dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. Whether you're looking for a modest look with beautiful detailing or a more daring number that shows off your best assets, you can't go wrong with crochet.  Navy Crotchet Top

Puffily Ever After

Once upon a time, the puffy sleeve found itself all over the runway. That time is now. It's the perfect silhouette for anyone who ever dreamed of growing up to become a Disney princess. Both regal and whimsical, a puffy-sleeved outfit can turn any event into your fairytale.

Tiers of Joy

Spring fashion is all about bouncing and blossoming along with nature's flora and fauna. That's why I love the tiered trend: light layers of fabric create a silhouette that moves gracefully with you. A cute, tiered frock reminds everyone that new life is blooming all around.

Bold. Bright. Beautiful.

My absolute favorite thing about spring is a return of color to my clothes. But this year, designers have outdone themselves with truly eye-popping statement hues. When shopping for your spring palette, the bolder, the better. Neon pink, fluorescent yellow and Day-Glo orange are all acceptable – no, they're admirable!  Hot Pink Maxi Dress

Sheer Genius

As the weather warms up, it's always fun to introduce new fabrics to your collection. For those of us who want to show some skin – but don't travel with a lighting specialist, airbrusher or photoshop team – sheer fabrics are a great way to be daring with confidence. Show off arms, legs, and stomachs behind a veil of chiffon, organza, or voile. It's surprisingly forgiving! Follow us on Instagram @shopspotlightboutique for looks that are sheer genius!  Gray Sheer Top

Look Hot… Boiling Hot

For many of my readers, spring is still a chilly season. For freeze-averse fashionistas, I recommend the boiler suit. This long-sleeved version of the jumpsuit is still making fashion waves, and it's a great way to celebrate the onset of spring without shivering. Look for this silhouette to stay fresh with cropped pants, spring colors and lighter fabrics.

The Art of the Drape

Another fantastic and forgiving fashion this season is draped fabrics. Well-placed drapes can enhance your favorite curves – and hide the not-so-favorite ones. Look for draping around the chest, stomach or the legs of a jumpsuit. Accessorize with the right belt and sandal, and you will be a gorgeous goddess!  Ivory Drape Top

Not-So-Risky Business

Relive the iconic Tom-Cruise-sliding-in-socks-and-a-button-down moment whenever you want in a trendy shirt dress! This versatile wardrobe must-have can be infinitely dressed up or down with different belts, jewelry, purses and shoes. Or, if you're home alone, feel free to pair it with socks, a slippery floor and your favorite song.

Wear the Future

In 1997, I saw The Fifth Element and have been waiting for fashion to catch up to the future ever since. It's finally happening! Okay, maybe we aren't wearing orange foam suspenders with crop tops, but this is better: holographic fashion! Iridescent fabrics are being used gratuitously this season, and you can get entire dresses, jumpsuits and rompers made from the stuff. Be in your element this spring in a hot, holographic number.

Get Dotty

Spring fashion is always so much fun! This season, polka dots are the new plaid. Pair this flirty print with denim or a solid color for a more finished look. If there's still a chill in the air where you live, polka dots go well with tights and boots. If you're already working on a tan, polka dots also pair perfectly with bare legs, sandals and wide-brimmed summer hats.  Polka Dot Top

Hotpants/Hot Romper

Hotpants are back in business, ladies. These ultra-short shorts come in many cuts and fabrics, but make no mistake: there will be a lot of legs this spring and summer. This is the perfect inspiration for an updated romper. Hotpants-inspired rompers can have classic, vintage silhouettes with a flared short straight from the 1940s, or they can be fitted to show off the great body you've been hiding all winter.

Go Speed Racer, Go!

Ladies and gentlemen start your engines! Racing checks are back. Athletic and fun, this black-and-white print makes a great detail on any outfit. It can also easily be paired with those hot, bright colors I was gushing about earlier. Make any suitor chase you down in this mach-five fashion.

Carpe Denim

Most of us have rocked jeans and jean jackets, but this season it's time to expand our denim horizons. Stylish denim dresses, rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for any casual occasion. Look for lighter jean shades for spring, and don't be afraid to play up the nineties aspect with high tops and bold jewelry.  Light Denim Dress

Spring is definitely in the air, and when you freshen up your wardrobe with these fun trends, there will be a spring in your step as well. Follow us on Instagram @shopspotlightboutique to see these trends in their natural habitats, and visit shoplightboutique.net for all your boutique clothing needs.