New Colors for the Fall Season

Ladies, you know what time it is, don't you? The changing of seasons is fast arriving and fall is just around the corner. This means that our wardrobes need an update, doesn't it? Whether they do or don't, it's always fun to switch things up; especially when there is a change of weather.

The best thing about fall is just how versatile autumn fashion can be. The colors, the light layers, and the updated fashion trends makes it an exciting season to dress for. For women who want to be stylish yet comfortable, there are great options for you. Even better, now is the time to explore fall colors that you may not have been around in the summer.

As you start your shopping for the cooler weather, you may need some guidance in choosing the best colors and styles. Don't worry. There are plenty of trendy colors this year, so you have a plethora of options to choose from to fill up your closet.

Bring On the Fall

If there were a season that was actually really fun to dress for, it would have to be autumn for us. You don't have to cover up cute looks with huge coats but you can have a lot of fun with pairing cute accessories for cool weather. The following are just some of the colors that you want to put in your closet for this upcoming season:

  • Wine-Put the glass down and put on the color. The color wine is a deep rich red, much like red wine itself. It's the perfect color to change into once the summer starts fading, as does your tan. There is rarely a person who doesn't look good in the color of rich red wine.
  • Spice-This orange/brown like color may remind you of your favorite "basic" coffee and with good reason. It's the perfect color for autumn, as one would imagine. Reminiscent of the changing colors in the fall, it's the kind of color that when it looks good on you, it really looks good on you.
  • Black-At first, one may think of the dead of winter to wear black but black is actually a color that suits women surprisingly well, no matter the season. Plus, black just makes it easy to get dressed. You don't know what to wear? Turn to black. Do you want to look good at work, but then head on over to the bar for happy hour afterward? Black is the color that will win in both occasions.
  • Ceylon Yellow-It's not that annoying yellow that looks so happy, you can only think of summer. No. Ceylon yellow is the kind of color that makes you think of sugar and spice and spending time outside playing in the dead leaves. Ceylon yellow is the color you think that you shouldn't wear, yet the one that surprises you with just how great it actually looks.
  • Valiant Poppy-If the color of wine is just too serious for you-although a winner for those who want to hide any wine stains-Valiant Poppy can still keep you in that flirty, red lip mood. Bolder and more playful, it's the flirty alternative to the color of wine, which is better reserved for serious occasions—like going to work.
  • Cobalt Blue-Blues aren't only for the winter. In fact, a light blazer in cobalt blue is the perfect go-to for when the weather starts getting chilly. If you are a turtle-neck kind of gal, consider bringing out your "windows" with a rich blue one.
  • Emerald Green-Not everyone loves the idea of wearing green; for many, it's a color best left for nature. Yet Emerald Green is a color that feels warm and inviting and when it's your color, it goes far in bringing out your best features. Whether you're a brown-eyed beauty or have unique hazel eyes that many could only dream of having, Emerald Green will help you stand out this season.
  • Olive Green-It takes confidence to pull this color off but if you can pull Olive Green off, then you deserve to walk with as much attitude as you want. It's the color that makes your eyes look dreamy and helps you feel classy and who doesn't want to feel all these things?
  • Grey-Any kind of grey that you like is a grey that you should be wearing. Whether you pair a light grey sweater with a soft pastel scarf or you go to work in the classiest of grey jumpers, grey is the perfect color for the season, for those who want to wear a more subdued tone than some of the colors above.
  • Clay-Granted. This is not the easiest color for everyone but clay belongs in the fall more than it does in any other season. Whether you find your favorite style of skirt in this color or you are considering accessories to combine with your favorite clothing, it's a color that should find its way into your closet this autumn.
  • White-Boring? At first glance, yes, and perhaps you've overdone white in the summer. The things that you can do with white are what make it well-deserving of being a color for your autumn closet. Paired with your favorite colors for the fall, white can be the staple that you turn to for when you're in a fix.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to go shopping? The season is one of our favorites and we have some great things in store for you. Whether you love cute skirts paired with tights or long sleeve T's that make you feel warm and cozy, our boutique has some great options for any occasions.

This fall, try something new, that you've never tried before. If you've never worn clay, for example, why not start off small with a light scarf and see how you like it? If olive green tempts you, but you're not quite sure, give it a try with an affordable piece of clothing.

If you love any of the colors on our list, check out Spotlight Boutique for classy items in your favorites. You'll be sure to find that perfect piece for welcoming the fall. Which color is your favorite? We'd love to find out.